Amazon has taken into credibility the launch of line of echo products and all of them possess some unique features. However, Echo Look is one of its kinds and features a camera that can snap a shot or video of your current outfit with hands-free voice commands. You can add your favourite closet selections to the Echo Look app and organize those items using the Collections section. Daily Look lets you take a quick photo of whatever you’re wearing each day for easy reference later on.

But the device’s marquee feature is Style Check, which will review photos of two different outfits to provide “a second opinion on which looks best on you.” Amazon says it does this through machine learning algorithms — but also human fashion experts. The process takes around a minute, and the Echo Look evaluates “fit, color, styling and current trends.” When the result comes back, it includes an explanation as to why one outfit won out over the other. Echo Look is a hands-free camera and mobile app designed to help you pull together outfits that reflect your style.

ECHO LOOK SUPPORT gives an insight view of the mechanism of the product and enables the user to understand about the gadget and shed light on any doubt.

It assists the user to simply the usage of the product in the following way:

ECHO LOOK SUPPORT provides the compatibility of the product and way to download the Alexa App:


The Alexa app is available on:

  • Fire OS 3.0 or higher
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Desktop browsers by going to:


Go to the app store on your mobile device and search for "Alexa app."

Taking Photos and Videos on Echo Look:

To take a photo with your voice and Alexa say, "Take a (picture / photo)."

Tip: For the best head-to-toe shot:

  • Place the device at shoulder height.
  • Stand about five feet away.
  • Tilt the device until you are properly framed for a full length photo.
  • Remove the protective wrap and film that covers the front of your device.
  • Make sure the front of the device is clean and free of any obstructions.
  • If necessary, use a soft cloth to wipe any dust or smudges off.

To take a photo using the Echo Look app:

  1. Select the Camera button on the home screen, and then select Photo. If you're away from your Echo Look, or the Echo Look is offline, select Switch to phone camera.
  2. The light ring on Echo Look turns white, counts down twice, and then the pre-flash and the main flash are activated.
  3. Your captured look is displayed in the Echo Look app home screen and in your Look tab in the app.
Echo Look Support helps the user to understand the features of the gadget which is as following:

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Build – in LED Lighting: It facilitates the user to take the photos four build-in LED resulting in a clearer and bright picture.

Hands-free Camera – It enables the user to take a head to toe photo pop with intelligent background blur.

Microphone Array: The user has the facility of asking Alexa to take a picture of video of your daily look.

Speaker: it keep the user updated with the latest news, weather forecast and more.

A question such as,’ How Echo Look Support assists its user?? may come across the mind of any customer and the answer to it is – in each and every way associated with the product.

Echo Look Support gives an in-depth of the Amazon Echo Look which can further be explained as under:

  • Getting Started with Echo Look:
  • Set Up Your Echo Look
  • You can place or install your Echo Look device in a variety of locations including your closet, bedroom, hallway, and more.
  • It is suggested to place the device at shoulder height and stand about five feet away. Follow these steps to setup and begin using your Echo Look.
    1. Download the Echo Look app and sign in.
    2. Download the Echo Look app and sign in.
    3. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Phone.
    4. Register your Echo Look.
    5. Take a photo or video.
  • For further elucidation, Echo Look Support provided various videos as a visual assistance stands out in comparison to written one. The link to the same is enclosed hereunder:
  • Echo Look Help Videos
  • Storing Your Echo Look Photos and Videos
  • Organize Your Daily Looks with Collections
  • Delete an Echo Look Photo or Video

Amazon keeps trying and has been successful so far in providing the best support to its customers where they need not depend on anyone else but can learn about the gadget in a simplified version.

Amazon is progressing day in and out and has set a promising future for themselves which would ultimately uplift the lifestyle of its users. Thus, we do consider that Amazon is for and by the customer and we will keep working towards the betterment.


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